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Reprinted with permission from the Fredericksburg Standard Radio Post

By Richard Zowie


An electric service business began when a man started it in 1969 out of his parents’ garage.

“I guess Charles just wanted to get on his own,” said Shirley Itz, who co-owns Itz Electric with her husband. “It just grew from there.”

Now located at 804 East Main Street, Itz does heating, air conditioning and provides both commercial and residential electrical service.

“We’ve done a lot of work for the hospital and for the schools,” Shirley said. “We helped with the new jail, and we do a lot of residential work. We used to sell appliances, which was the thing to do then. Eventually, we got out of that since it’s competitive going against the big city appliance dealers.”

Itz is also a family business as all three of their children are involved. Tanya Vestal is the secretary-treasurer who handles most of the accounting. Jared Itz is a licensed electrician and manages the employees. Lorne Itz takes care of the heating and air conditioning side and is a licensed heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technician.

“Like many Fredericksburg businesses, I believe in the uniqueness of the family-owned business, the personal touch you get when you call and talk to someone rather than these larger companies, where you get automated service,” Tanya said. “You feel like you can trust people around here.”

Itz Electric works primarily in Gillespie County but also does some work outside the area.

“We try to stay as close to home as possible,” Shirley said.